Are you recently engaged? Feeling overwhelmed trying to find the perfect spot for your engagement photos? We live in the most amazing state and have so many options! So, look no further. I’ve put together my favorite engagement locations around Seattle. Some locations are right in the heart of Seattle while others will involve a little drive to get to the magical spot.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park is one of my top engagement locations around Seattle. You will find Discovery Park right in the heart of Seattle. There is plenty of parking and miles upon miles of areas to shoot. You’ll have access to wide open fields as well as a beautiful overlook of the water.

engagement shoot at Discovery park

Chambers Bay

Jump in your car for a short drive down short to the beautiful Chambers Bay in University Place, WA. Chambers Bay is a favorite spot for dinner and golf. Truly one of my favorite engagement locations around Seattle. Here there is access to the beach and you’ll have wide open spaces with rolling hills. I’ve had some of the best sunsets at this location and I love the neutral backdrop.

favorite engagement locations around seattle

Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is such a gem of a location. It’s beautifully nestled between mountains as you shoot in front of the pond. The views are stunning. This spot does get VERY busy and there isn’t a ton of room to share here. However, it is a beautiful location if you can time your shoot at the right time.

favorite engagement locations around seattle

Spada Lake

Spada lake is absolutely one of my favorite engagement locations around Seattle. The lake is located in Snohomish county and open all year round. Although you won’t be able to swim here this lake is a perfect backdrop if you’re looking to escape the busy city life.

favorite engagement location around seattle

Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park is located just south of Seattle in Tacoma, WA. Here you will have access to flower gardens, Owen’s Beach, and a boardwalk overlooking the sound. There are a lot of options to shoot here which will add a nice variety to your engagement gallery! You’ll even get Mount Rainier smiling down on you on a clear day!

favorite engagement locations around Seattle

Wright Park

Wright Park is another option located in Tacoma, WA. This is one of my favorite locations to offer during the fall season. There are leaves EVERYWHERE! If you love fall and you love fall colors-this is your spot. I love offering this as one of my favorite engagement locations around Seattle. You can’t go wrong here!

engagement locations around seattle

Mount Rainier

If you love adventure and you love the mountains, then you might need to check out this beautiful location at Mount Rainier. This spot will take you far away from city life and having you breathing fresh air and walking paths lined with wildflowers. If you love the mountains you definitely need to consider this adventure shoot for your engagement session. The ONLY downside to this spot is there are no dogs allowed.

Rattlesnake Lake

I love this spot. LOVE it. I’ve come here when it’s snowing, sunny, and raining and every single gallery ends up being my favorite. You can never go wrong here. This location does tend to get very busy so I highly recommend going on a weeknight if possible. There is lots of parking here and the lake is accessible by just a short walk.

If you’re REALLY into adventure AND hiking then consider hiking all the way to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain! A short and steep hike will give you arguable some of the most amazing views in the PNW.

These are just a few of my favorite locations in and around Seattle. If you’re recently engaged and still on the search for your photographer, I’d love nothing more than to connect with you! I’d love to start planning the most epic location for your engagement shoot. I hope you’ll reach out today!

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