You can call me Bethany

You are most welcome here! 

Hello and happy day!! Thanks so much for stopping by, I'm seriously pumped you're here! My photography journey started back in 2018 after my husband bought me my very first Sony camera. I went to school on a TOTALLY different path. I actually graduated with my nursing degree and have worked as an RN for the past nine years. While I love being able to serve in the medical field, when I pick up my camera I can literally feel my heart EXPLODE from happiness. Photography allows me to care for people in a creative, new way and I'm loving every single minute of it! Through photography, I not only hear couples' stories but I experience and capture them as well. 

I grew up in a suuuuper small midwest town. Literally, my graduating class was 42 people. Crazy, right?! I met my handsome husband, David, in college and we've been married for 8 years now! We have two pups, Bandit and Bella who are always down for an adventure. I'm an enneagram 8, LOVE cheese, cozy sweaters, and chai lattes. The MOST important thing in the world to me in my relationship with Jesus and I'm so thankful to know Him as my Savior and King.

So, enough about me! I think it's about time I hear a little more about YOU!! 

My goal is not only to provide you with beautiful photos but to encourage and GET YOU EXCITED throughout the planning process. Your marriage will be more than the flowers (that will fade) and the cake (I'll be eating at least two slices). Do those things matter, ummm heck yes!! Details do matter and will make your day so memorable. BUT, I would argue that you and your relationship is 100x more important. Your marriage will be a legacy. I LOVE supporting couples in the early days of planning and anticipation. I want to help you prepare and enjoy your wedding planning process so that you start your marriage in the best possible way! 



Fun FActs

- I've lived in 7 different states with WA and CO being my two all time favs

- I have a VERY crooked right ring finger all thanks to a powder puff football game in high school. I'm very competitive at times!! 

- I could do without coffee and prefer a chai latte any day!

- It's my dream to own a Continental Giant rabbit

- I'm deathly afraid of sinkholes 

- At risk of being divisive, Ben and Leslie > Pam and Jim....sorry, not sorry!