Point Defiance Pagoda

I live really close to Point Defiance Pagoda so by default this is one of my favorite locations to offer to clients. I shoot families and seniors here all the time, but Nicole and David’s wedding was the first opportunity that I had to shoot at this location for this particular occasion!

This wedding venue really surprised me. I had no idea I would enjoy shooting a wedding so much at this location. There are large bathrooms and getting ready spaces for the bridal party. The venue itself was extremely flexible! The Pagoda offers both indoor and outdoor options to seat guests for the ceremony and reception. The Pagoda mimics Japanese architecture. You get to explore a quiet footbridge tucked into the trees, serene pools and gardens, and blossoming cherry trees. The setting and location of the venue was absolutely beautiful! We got extremely lucky because the tree on the patio was in full bloom for the ceremony.

Nicole and Dave

I fell in love with this couple! Truly, I enjoyed working with them SO much! Nicole was extremely organized and did an amazing job planning and working through all the details of the wedding day. She created an amazing excel spreadsheet with anything and everything one would need for the wedding. I’m a huge planner at heart, so I always appreciate someone who gets me! They were even willing to meet up before the wedding and go over location ideas, timeline planning, and photo requests. I really appreciated their communication with me throughout their wedding planning. It was so fun getting a chance to get to know them before their big day!

My favorite thing I got to witness at their wedding was their ability to let go and really enjoy their day. Sometimes, its hard for couples to pull back and enjoy the day. There is so much time, energy, money and details that go into the planning. But, Nicole and David really did an amazing job of just letting go and allowing the day to flow naturally.

My favorite part of the night was watching these two dance. It was like no one else was out of the dance floor. They literally danced to every song until the very end of the night. I think couples absolutely set the tone of the evening for their guests. Nicole and David were having a blast and you could tell just enjoying each other’s company. I really feel the guests and family felt this, too. Everyone was relaxed, dancing and having a great time at the reception.

I’ll be forever grateful to Nicole and Dave for having me be part of their wedding. It the first time I got to shoot a wedding at Point Defiance Pagoda which was really cool. But, meeting them and getting to build a friendship with them was one hundred times better. This is an amazing couple who is so kind and generous and loving. I’ll never forget our time together!

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The Team

Venue: Point Defiance Pagoda

Catering: Georgios Catering

Florist: Shannon’s Fresh Cut Flowers

HUMA: Lupa Lucas

Dress: The Wedding Bell

Bridesmaids: Azazie

Cake: IG: @pieceofcake_bywhitney

Coordinator: Linda Troeh

DJ: Rick Fisher

Point Defiance Pagoda Wedding

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