One aspect of getting to know your photographer is finding out their equipment and what they have in their camera bag. I thought I’d write a blog to share the latest ingredients in my bag right now! My camera bag has changed over the past two years (and future changes in the works) so I wanted to give a little rundown on where I came from and how I got to where I am now with my equipment.

First, I shoot with all Sony camera bodies and lenses. When I first started building my business I really had no clue about different systems. I didn’t know the difference between Canon, Nikon, or Sony. I legitimately googled “best camera” and kept getting amazing reviews on Sony. So, that was enough for me. I ordered my first camera body and lens-the Sony A7rii and the Sony G Master 24-70mm. But, receiving my very first camera body and lens was overwhelming to me. My husband actually bought these for me right before Christmas and full disclosure they basically sat and collected dust for MONTHS.

Don’t let fear get you down

I didn’t know where to begin. I felt lost with all the buttons and programming Sony allowed. I didn’t even know who or what I wanted to shoot. Paralyzed is an understatement. I had no plan and I just spent thousands of dollars on equipment that I was afraid to touch. If you’re baby fresh and just starting out with your camera, DON’T let fear paralyze you. You need to be shooting every single day! I lost valuable weeks and months that I could have been practicing and instead let fear overwhelm me. If you’re in that stage, please reach out and we can create a plan to get you out of that rut!!

Back to my gear-so I eventually realized my heart was with weddings, couples and senior shoots. For weddings, I absolutely needed dual card slots on my camera and I needed two camera bodies. I’m a firm believer in having back ups to your back up. If anything happens to one camera body at a wedding, I’ll have another with me at all times. If one SD card is corrupted, then I have another that has documented all the moments!

Soon I switched over to two Sony A7iii camera bodies and kept my 24-70 G master lens. I also purchased my Zeiss 35mm before my first wedding season. This has been my camera system for the past couple years and I feel that it covers me well at weddings and lifestyle events. My next purchase will be an 85mm lens. I’m actually waiting to test two different 85mm lenses this week!

Other equipment I use

Besides my camera system I use a couple other tools on the regular at shoots and in my post processing. My flash, harness, prisms, SD cards, hard drives and camera bag have all been purchased as I’ve built this business. Some are necessary and vital-SD cards, hard drives and some have been for fun, like my prisms. I’ll link all my gear below and if you have any questions, always feel free to reach out!


-Sony A7iii (two of these camera bodies)

-24-70mm G Master Lens

-Zeiss 35mm

-Samsung Portable SSD (several hard drives, I always save each session in 3 different locations)

-WD Elements External Hard Drive

-BackBlaze (cloud based back up system)

-Hold Fast Harness

-Godox V860ii Flash


-LowPro Camera Bag

-multiple SD cards and camera batteries

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