This desert elopement in Joshua Tree proves that sometimes less really is more! There is a special place in my heart for elopements. In fact, I sometimes wished I eloped instead of pursuing a traditional wedding. But when I was planning my own wedding, I thought elopements were only done in a courthouse. I had no idea that you could elope in a beautiful setting like Joshua Tree. Since I’ve been married, I’ve been to so many National Parks and I’m blown away by God’s creation. I now realize elopements can be done on the beach, desert, lake, or your own backyard.

This desert elopement was a styled shoot designed by Dani Purington with the Rooted Workshop. It featured a boho vibe complete with lace dress, earthy details, and desert landscape. Last year, March 2020 I flew to Palm Springs, CA to attend my first Rooted Workshop. But-Covid. SMH. We ended up all having to fly home about 24 hours after we arrived. So this year was a re do! We all met up again in Palm Springs and made the trek out to Joshua Tree for this shoot. I want to say a few things about styled shoots and why I would recommend them to another photographer:

Why you should attend a styled shoot

1.) You experience community: Sometimes being a photographer can be lonely when you’re mostly working from home. Styled shoots allow you to get out of the house, socialize and meet others. Actually, all of my photographer besties have been because of styled shoots. I am beyond thankful for for their love and support. There really is such as community over competition. And, if you haven’t experienced this and you’re feeling lonely or discouraged PLEASE reach out to me. I’d love nothing more than to meet up for a coffee date or FT date. I don’t ever want another photographer to feel alone in this field!

2.) You can get creative: Styled shoots are your chance to try new things and stretch your creative juices. You don’t have the pressure to deliver a certain amount of photos so you can take a breath and try something new. If there is a different pose or technique you’ve never tried-this is your chance.

3.) Attractive new clients: If you’re hoping to attract your ideal client, styled shoots are a perfect solution to do just that! I don’t get to do many elopements, so being able to shoot this desert elopement in Joshua Tree allows me the ability to market to a new type of client!

Reach out to book your elopement

Speaking of-have you booked your photographer for your elopement? Are you trying to decide between traditional wedding and elopement? I’d LOVE to talk with you. We can hop on a FT call and go over all your dreams and visions. Jump on over to my contact page and get in touch!!

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