My first senior session in Kansas City was at Shawnee Mission Park. I had the pleasure of meeting Ella and her mom for an evening of shooting. Shawnee Mission Park is HUGE. You could explore this park all day. I highly recommend this park if you like doing families, seniors, or couples. There is such a great variety of places to shoot here.

Exploring Shawnee Mission Park

There is a beautiful lake where people were actually out rowing and fishing. We found a cute bridge that covered one small part of the lake and then kept exploring further into the park. We found some great open fields, docks and late blooming flowers, too. This is definitely a popular place for photographers because we passed several other sessions. However, I never felt like there wasn’t room to share. Truly, this park is HUGE and if we were trying to avoid any and all people we could have very easily done so. There is even a cute little dog park here that runs into the lake. So, if you’re a dog lover-make sure you check it out!

We shot this session just as all the fall colors were fading. I think if we would have waited even a few more days the trees would have been barren. It’s hard timing weather and fall sometimes!! The weather was great though. The week before our shoot, Kansas City kept having some crazy weather patterns with extreme hot and then bitter cold so we lucked out on our evening shoot!

Ella was so sweet to get to know. She told me about her future plans to become a nurse. I have a soft spot for any client that is/wants to be a nurse. I’ve been a nurse for 8 years now and I know with COVID there is a greater call to help in this area. Ella will be an excellent nurse. She is loving and has a smile that puts you immediately at ease. Her future patients will indeed be blessed to have her at their side.

Ella, good luck on your senior year! You are an amazing human being. The world needs more of you! As always, if you’re looking for a photographer for your senior session, please reach out!! I LOVE senior sessions!!!

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