Lauren and Tony’s PNW rainy day engagement shoot was the best representation of the PNW anyone could possibly imagine. We checked the weather a million times. Lauren and I thought about rescheduling because the forecast was cloudy, overcast, and called for showers off and on again. BUT we went for it! And then the showers turned into rain. Our hair and clothes certainly took on a different look by the end of shoot. Side note-my hair starts to curl when it gets wet. But, it’s NOT a cute curl. It’s more like a tangled wave that really does not look good! Please, someone send help with this type of hair mess!! I need tips.

Lauren and Tony

Lauren and Tony are the sweetest couple that you’ll ever meet. They are down to earth, relaxed, and totally embraced the day for what it offered. Lauren and Tony are truly some of the most genuine people I have met and they were so welcoming to me as we explored the island close to their home. It was such a peaceful and serene piece of land. The island had the perfect combination of water, woods, and mountains. And yes, I immediately went home to find a home for sale in that area. In my mind, it’s never too early to start looking for your “forever home” lol!

One of my favorite memories of Lauren and Tony was on our initial wedding inquiry call. I remember us talking about all our world adventures and being absolutely so intrigued with all they had seen and done on their trips. After my love for Jesus, traveling the world has to be one of my biggest joys and loves in life. I’m not even sure how much we talked about wedding details, but I LOVED their love for travel and adventure. A couple after my own heart!

Lauren and Tony-Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me as your photographer and running around with me on your amazing, PNW rainy day engagement shoot. You have both been a joy to get to know and I can’t wait for your wedding this fall!

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