Paradise Mount Rainier

This gallery features Kaci and Zach at Paradise Mount Rainier for their post wedding adventure shoot. Post wedding day adventure shoots have SO many benefits and I’m so pumped to be able to share some of the reasons down below. And yes, your dress might get a little dirty on the bottom. But, I promise it’s all worth it! 2020 has been a crazy year to plan or have a wedding. That didn’t slow this couple down at all. We brainstormed together and decided to spend some time the day after the actual ceremony for some beautiful portraits with a stunning backdrop. This is why you should consider a post wedding day shoot:

Benefits for a Post Wedding Day Shoot

1. : Maybe you wanted to elope at the top of Mount Rainier but old Grandma Betty would never be able to make it there safely. So, why not celebrate with grandma on your wedding day AND get epic portraits in your dream location

2. : weddings can be hectic! Sometimes you are crunched for time and you dont have the option to add those dreamy sunset photos. No sweat, have your wedding AND book a post wedding shoot at golden hour the next day. You dont have to worry about timeline or leaving the party!

3. : During the wedding youll probably feel obligated to take a photo with your twice removed cousin who you havent seen since pre K. But, at your post wedding shoot, you dont have to share the spotlight with anyone. Its just you, your new spouse and your photographer!

4. : Sometimes you’re trying to plan a wedding during a pandemic and youre restricted on the type and size of gatherings. No worries-be like Kaci & Zach (beautiful couple featured here) and split your wedding coverage into two days. Best of both worlds in these crazy times!!

Don’t wait to book your photographer for 2021! If you’re looking to elope or have a traditional wedding day, I’m here to help brainstorm, plan and support you through all your decisions. I hope you’ll reach out soon so we can start talking all things wedding!

Also, here’s a link to Mount Rainier’s permit site

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