I think we can all admit at this point- we are living in strange times. The COVID pandemic has taken the world by storm. People are living very differently during the “shelter in place” and “social distancing” call to actions.  Life has changed in some way for everyone. Some have experienced very difficult times. Jobs have been lost. Bills go unpaid. Weddings are cancelled. Social communities are broken. Each of us has been affected to some degree or another. Pretty heavy stuff to read and process but KEEP READING!! I promise there is HOPE in Christ and I’ll give you my top three reasons to consider an intimate wedding.

Grace and Hope is Here

Peace. Patience. Grace. These three attributes are areas I struggle to reflect on a daily basis. Now, throw in a pandemic and the whole world is filled with fear, doubt and chaos. There are so many unknowns.

But, I do know Jesus Christ offers peace, hope, and grace in the middle of this storm! I’m learning to trust in Jesus even more during this season. I’m praying and seeking the hope and peace only He can provide so richly and so fully. Because of Christ, I’m thankful I can choose grace toward others and myself right now. I’m thrilled I can seek patience and I’m glad I can pursue peace. I could not handle these times without knowing Christ.

Shout out to my dear friend, Madison who posted earlier this month about having “no throw away seasons.” That concept really stuck with me. The discomfort, the sadness, this pandemic season of life-it’s not to be “thrown away”. Instead, it’s a time for me to lean into Jesus as my source of peace and comfort. I’m thankful to be able to pursue peace, patience, and grace because of Him.

Intimate Weddings and Elopements

Okay, quick word on intimate weddings and elopements. They are AMAZING! Weddings are going to look very different over these next couple months because of COVID restrictions. Instead of cancelling your wedding, I’d love for you to consider three reasons to ditch the big wedding and head toward an intimate wedding or elopement!

1.) Financial flexibility 

In the wedding guide that I send each of my couples after booking, I talk about how almost 50% of your budget can be expected to go toward your venue & food cost. It is wicked expensive! Consider the options you would have to treat yo’ self in a different manner if your guest list suddenly dropped from 250 people to 25.

Real talk-at my own wedding, I did not have my hair and make up done by a professional because I literally did not have one more penny to spend on myself. My budget had been maxed out due to our guest list size. We also DIYed (is that a word?!) the HECK out of our wedding. It definitely saved us money BUT we could have also saved many tears and stress if we had the budget and other professional vendors helping us. Due to our guest size, the majority of our budget went to venue & food. Don’t make that same mistake that I did! Budget wisely!! An intimate wedding means you aren’t as concerned with feeding such a large guest list, and then you’ll have the room and flexibility to pursue the details of your wedding that really make your day unique and special to you!

2.) Quality time

My first love language is quality time. If there is one thing I would do-over with my wedding, it would be to have an intimate wedding. I would have loved to experience genuine, non interrupted quality time during the most important day of my life. Honestly, it is super hard for me to remember my wedding day. It was such a crazy blur!!

When considering an intimate wedding or elopement, first consider how your love language and personality feels truly fulfilled. Are you more introverted or extroverted? Do you know (REALLY know) all the guests on your guest list? An intimate wedding provides a unique opportunity for you to truly connect with those closest to you on your wedding day. There isn’t awkward small talk with your great aunt, Nancy twice removed who you haven’t seen from birth. And, you’ll actually have time to eat! You’ll have time to be with your new spouse. You actually get to look at each other, breathe in the moment and relax on your wedding day.

3.) Dream location

Don’t be afraid to dream big even if your big wedding was cancelled. You have the flexibility to pick a location that you LOVE. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls-all options. Who said you can’t go get married by the lake and then BBQ later that afternoon in your backyard? You. Have. Options.

My brides know I LOVE to adventure. Reach out to your photographer and ask if they would consider meeting for a sunrise or sunset bridal shoot somewhere special and unique to you on your wedding day. My bet is they would love nothing more! Those are precious memories that you’ll never forget!

As always, if you’re in limbo or planning stages of your wedding, let me take you somewhere beautiful for your elopement or intimate wedding. I’d love for you to reach out to me so we can start planning the perfect package for you!