Taylor and Nate’s engagement shoot at Mount Rainier was such an incredible time of fellowship and fun. This photoshoot was my DREAM shoot! Amazing couple, sunrise, hiking, exploring, and laughter all mixed into one photoshoot. Does it ever get better than that?
Originally, the weather had called for rain. bleh. I guess no surprise for the PNW, but we were all crazy enough to agree to a sunrise shoot and met at Sunrise Visitor Center at 5:45am to start hiking up the mountain anyway. And guess what, the rain held back and it turned out to be a drop dead GORGEOUS morning. Thank you, Lord!!!
We spent hours climbing to the very tip top of the mountain. All morning long we talked about wedding plans, life, and nursing (Taylor is a nurse, too!!). That’s one of the reasons I love doing adventure shoots. The time hiking to the location is so peaceful and allows the oppurtunity to actually get to know one another! We were able to stop at various locations along the way and capture some really epic shots! The morning was nothing less than perfect.
Once we reached the top, we had the mountain to ourselves for the longest time. We climbed over rocks, explored the fire lookout, and celebrated with champagne! The sky was so clear and we could see for miles from the lookout.
Honestly, this was one of my favorite sessions to date. Taylor and Nate are an AMAZING couple who are just near and dear to my heart. They love Jesus and I feel that truly shows in the way they interact with one another. There is a kindness and gentleness to the way they respond to one another. They are playful and fun and have so much joy radiating from both of them! I’m beyond thankful to be part of their story and their lives.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Taylor and Nate, for trusting me and allowing me to create magic with you guys! This Mount Rainier engagement was to die for and I am stoked about your wedding next year!!
Now, who else can I tempt for an adventure shoot?!! Contact me today for more information!!