This beautiful, summer wedding at Kiana Lodge was one of my favorite weddings! Kiana Lodge is located in the Olympic National Park. The wedding venue has the perfect spot to host any size wedding. This is a really unique venue and my first time shooting here. The venue is sprinkled with flowers, trees and shrubs galore. You really feel like you’re walking through a fairy-tale, garden party. The grounds are absolutely meticulous. The lodge itself is stunning, too. The indoor seating area has really lovely natural light that pours through the upper windows. There is plenty of space for large weddings. You could also partition off the room for a more intimate setting. This particular wedding, the ceremony was outside on the lawn. The lawn then backs up the water. It’s a stunning backdrop! During hot summer weddings, there is plenty of shade to take photos at all hours of the day.

Second Shooting at Kiana Lodge

I had the opportunity to second shooting this wedding for Amanda Lloyd photography. Associate and second shooting are great options for photographers looking to gain experience, shoot at different venues, and have limited work on the front or back end. Photographers will choose to book associate or second shooting gigs for a number of reasons. Personally, I love having a few weddings where I can shoot and then walk away without any editing. The primary photographer, or booking photographer, will actually book the wedding couple and handle all the major planning up until the wedding day. Then you, as the associate or second shooter, will show up, shoot the wedding and then hand the images over to the primary photographer. The primary photographer will then edit and delivery the final gallery to the couple.

I don’t get to know these couples as much as I would love when I associate shoot. For me, that’s the one downside to associate shooting. I really do love getting to know the couples I serve from the time they book me to the time I deliver their wedding. It’s why I love doing this job! But, I will say, John and Elizabeth were the sweetest couple ever! They were so welcoming and kind the whole day. Multiple times checking to make sure we had food and water. They were truly so easy going and their wedding was just lovely to shoot. I hope that if you are planning a wedding and still looking for a photographer you’ll reach out! I’d love to walk along this journey with you!

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