Samantha and Geoffrey’s Wright Park engagement shoot was simply THE best afternoon!

Facebook Ads

But first, guess where Samantha and Geoffrey found me…..Facebook ads! One quick mention to my fellow photographers- Run Ads! They work! Samantha and Geoffrey are just one of my many couples that I booked through running FB ads. You’re probably instantly thinking about every single excuse not to run ads. I was also told to avoid FB ads and I heard every excuse in the book to not try them. But, I remember attending Henry’s Hey Darling workshop and heard a fellow attendee mention they book 90% of their couples through FB ads. So, I decided to give ads a whirl. Pete and Jordan provide an extensive online course developed to running ads through FB. Their course was tremendously helpful in kickstarting my wedding business. So, if you’re a fellow photographer looking to grow your business and connect with some pretty amazing couples, then definitely reach out to Pete and Jordan for some help!

Samantha and Geoffrey

Goodness, we had some TOUGH preparation in the weeks leading up to the shoot. This Wright Park engagement session was back in February when WA decided it was a good idea to have colossal amounts of rain. Unfortunately, that resulted in hazards throughout the state. Originally, the plan was to meet at Rattlesnake Lake which is a beautiful area and provides a great PNW vibe. There is a great 4 mile hike that delivers you straight to a ledge providing some breathtaking views. Even better, if you aren’t feeling up to a four mile hike, the parking lot is just steps away from the lake which is lovely, too. Rattlesnake Lake ended up closed the day of our shoot due to water hazards.

Of course, plan B, which was Mount Rainier, ALSO closed due to mud slides. No worries, if you book me as your photographer, one thing I’m ALWAYS doing is thinking of multiple back up plans. My motto, “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” Since Samantha and Geoffrey were spending the weekend in Seattle, we decided to run the streets of Tacoma and ended up at Wright Park.

There are certain people in life that you meet that you instantly connect with on a deeper level than should be expected when literally meeting for the first time. That’s how I felt with Samatha and Geoffrey. I don’t know if it’s because Geoffrey is also in the military and Sam and I are fellow mil spouses. Or, maybe because she spends her days working tirelessly as a teacher and is a real life super woman. Whatever it is, Samatha and Geoffrey are my people! I will forever cherish the connection we have and the time we spent together. I look forward to their wedding so much!

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