Hwy 20 & Diablo Lake

This Washington Hwy 20 engagement shoot is one for the books! Washington’s Hwy 20 scenic route is beyond stunning. The route is filled with breathtaking views with jagged mountains and turquoise waters. So, meet Genessa and Jeff, the amazing couple featured here today. The sweetest most down to earth couple you could imagine. They are also super adventurous and own the most beautiful dogs you’ll ever see. Basically dream couple, right?!

I was PUMPED when they agreed to venture out for a Hwy 20 engagement shoot. It was a long drive for the both of us, about 4 hours each way. But, Ive been dreaming of this location for a long time and I knew they would be the perfect couple to meet there.

Embarrassing Story

So, Im at this amazing location with this dream couple (dogs included) and as Im directing them I trip INTO a rock. Yes, into the rock. Literally, I rammed my foot into the rock and somehow got stuck and twisted my leg. EPIC FAIL. We finish up the shoot still enjoying every minute together (apparently I’m hyped up on adrenaline) and Im back in the car and PTL (Praise the Lord) for my friend being with me and driving the whole four hours home. By the time we got back to the house, I couldnt even walk so she had to half carry me inside. I try to go to bed but Im in SO much pain and realize I need to go get my foot/leg checked out. But now my friend is gone and David is already in KS so I butt CRAWL down the stairs all the way to the car and drive myself to the ER. Literally crawled you guys!

The ER

Now Im at the ER and I cant figure out how to get from the parking lot to the ER doors. I start hopping on one foot, still half crying /laughing and a strange man starts yelling from his car for me to wait and let him help me. So a strange man, who I dont know, at 1 am in the morning stops me and has me put my arm around him to help me inside. But, after about five minutes, I was moving too slow for him so he says, maam this would go a lot faster if I could just carry you. I about DIED inside. And then… he gave me a piggy back ride into the ER.

True story. A strange man gave me a piggy back into the ER. The moral of the story is stay safe out their fellow photogs and dont trip into rocks during your shoots!

Genessa & Jeff, thank you from the bottom of my heart for driving four hours to this amazing location. Thank you for feeding me and keeping me hydrated. Thank you for choosing me. You both mean so much to me!!

And if you’re currently looking for a photographer for 2021, reach out!! I’d love to start planning with you and seeing how I might serve you during this process. Let’s chat soon!